Baosteel steel pipe, rod and wire products in May 2021 domestic futures sales price adjustment notice


After the study and decision, the futures sales prices of steel pipe, bar and wire in May 2021 of Baosteel will be adjusted on the basis of April 2021 as follows (the following prices are exclusive of tax except for special instructions) :

Steel billet and bar

1, this part of the product: carbon die steel up 400 yuan/ton, alloy die steel up 200 yuan/ton; Alloy round steel increased by 300 yuan/ton; Forging steel increased by 200 yuan/ton; Other varieties raised 100 yuan/ton.

2, Baote long structural steel bar: bearing steel by 300 yuan/ton, the rest of the varieties by 200 yuan/ton.

3, industrial pure iron billet up 400 yuan/ton, spring flat steel billet up 200 yuan/ton.

Second, the wire

1, the head wire: cold heading steel by 100 yuan/ton, spring steel, welding steel, ultra-low carbon steel by 200 yuan/ton, bearing steel and other special steel wire by 300 yuan/ton.

2. Baote long structural steel wire rod: bearing steel increased by 300 yuan/ton; The rest will be adjusted to the same extent as the overlapping products and overlapping users of the department, and the increase will be 200 yuan/ton for non-overlapping products and users.

3, Qingshan wire: cord and bead up 300 yuan/ton, cable steel up 100 yuan/ton, other varieties up 200 yuan/ton.

Three, seamless steel pipe

1, high pressure boiler tube:

(1) 140, precision production line: increased by 500 yuan/ton.

(2) Lubao production line: increased by 500 yuan/ton (tax included).

2, mechanical structure pipe:

(1) 140 production line: increased by 500 yuan/ton.

(2) Lubao production line: increased by 500 yuan/ton (tax included).

(3) Precision production line: ordinary automobile pipe by 300 yuan/ton, other mechanical pipe by 500 yuan/ton.

Fourth, welded pipe

1. UOE production line: increased by 550 yuan/ton.

2. HFW production line: increased by 450 yuan/ton.

The above price adjustment shall take effect from the date of promulgation.
VI. The interpretation right of this price adjustment belongs to the steel and pipe division of Baosteel.

Baoshan iron & steel
Marketing Department of Steel Pipe Business Division
April 9, 2021

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